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Wes From, founder of From Financial has been in business since 1986. In 2022, From Financial & Associates Inc was established.



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what I've always wanted in an advisor is

someone to say I'm going to set you up

the same way I would set myself up if I

was in your situation

our core values are certainly based on

working with families that are like ours

we are a brother sister mom and dad team

and we're all different ages in

different spots in our lives you have to

know what the goals are of a 25 year old

and of a 35 year old and of a 55 year

old because they're all different we can

assist our clients through the

generations not only their Generations

but through our Generations we want to

be approachable to to anybody the people

on the other side of the table of us and

whoever we're meeting with they

understand that we're people too and

we're here to help them and we have

their best interests at heart and that's

how we work with our clients by building

the trust through experiences

I work with over 400 advisors in the

region and from Financial has a great

approach to making sure that their

clients are taken care of and putting

the best possible position

having that Family Focus of family feel

really kind of breaks down some of those

walls and I think it's one of the

secrets to their success and I think

that's truthfully what from Financial

embrace the importance of providing

Financial Peace of Mind not only to the

client but to their whole family you are

ultimately in control of your finances

there's a lot of strategies that you

could be implementing today tomorrow and

well into your future I just think it's

really exciting to be able to provide

Peace of Mind from Financial is our

family working with your family to hit

your dreams and your goals

Welcome to From Financial

Welcome to From Financial


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Wes From, CFP®, CLU, CH.F.C., EPC

Certified Financial Planner
Investment Representative

Experienced in providing wealth and estate planning strategies. We want to help families like ours simplify their financial affairs and enhance their current lifestyles.

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy playing hockey, curling and spending time with my family. Happy to help you towards your financial independence.

Austin From, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner
Investment Representative

Austin is an experienced and knowledgeable financial security advisor who helps clients customize financial security plans. This includes investment selection, insurance recommendations and retirement planning. When not working with clients, Austin enjoys being involved with musical theatre, lacrosse and boardgames with his wife. He's happy to help you towards financial independence!

Dean Barth

Senior Advisor
Certified Financial Planner

Dean is experienced in providing Insurance, Estate and Wealth Planning strategies for my clients.

Dean has been in the financial planning industry since the early 1990's and is proud to work with the children and grandchildren of clients who have been with him since the beginning.

When Dean is not with his clients, he is cheering on his kids at school, hockey and soccer activities! Dean enjoys participating in tennis, swimming and golf! Dean enjoys a good book and cooking for friends and family.

Laurie From, EPC

Elder Planning Counselor
Financial Security Advisor | Investment Representative

Laurie started her career in the industry in 1986. She left to raise her family in 1992. In 2006, she joined Wes in business after obtaining her life and mutual fund licences. Since then, Laurie has enjoyed assisting Wes with servicing their clients with any changes needed to fulfill their individual financial plans. In her free time, Laurie looks forward to gardening, and cooking. Her true love is filling her home with family and friends as often as possible, especially her grandchildren!

Amy Pilloud

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Amy is dedicated to helping clients protect their assets, accumulate wealth and prioritize their family needs.

Amy excels at working with tradespeople and helping young families develop solid but flexible financial plans that evolve according to their needs and goals. She also enjoys designing retirement plans and facilitating succession plans. Amy is passionate about accompanying clients on their journey, and that’s what motivates her to always keep abreast of new developments in the world of financial planning.

Outside of financial planning, you will likely find Amy and her husband chasing after their 2 young daughters and enjoying their yard.

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